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Three people hug and smile for a photo at the Center for American ValuesCenturies of service to the scholars and families of District 60, in the form of hard-working and loyal teachers, administrators and support staff, were celebrated Thursday by Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso and Human Resources administrators.
This year, six employees with at least 30 years of service were lauded, as were those who will be retiring at the conclusion of the school year.
The ceremony was part of a Recognition Dinner at the Center for American Values on the Riverwalk.
“To enter the field of education is itself worthy of accolades and respect,” Superintendent Macaluso said. “But to spend your entire career, in some instances 30 or more years, preparing young men and women for the future is a commendable milestone for which you should be proud.
“There are many different roles and titles in this room, but the common thread that binds you all together is that immense impact – many times not immediately revealed – that you have had on the thousands of scholars entrusted to you.
“Although we’ve all dedicated our lives to education, in the end, we are in the ‘people business.’ The product we produce is the future of this community and world. And that’s why our employees are our most valuable asset.
Any success we achieve as an organization, whether it’s a scholar going on to a major university on a scholarship or a young child who looked up to his school custodian as a trusted mentor, is directly attributable to you all.
“It’s your hard work, dedication and loyalty to District 60 that remains its foundation.”
The retirees and those with 30 years of service were similarly acknowledged by Eric DeCesaro, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Cameron Whiting, Director for Human Resources, who presented a nostalgic look back at 1993: 30 years to the date of Thursday’s ceremony.
Therese Baker
Anthony Gonzalez
Patricia Ham
Michele Myli
Kelly Sefcovic
Kelly Zerfas Roth
Rudy Aguilar
Peggy Alfaro
Teresa Barnes
Colleen Beauvais
Patrick Blea
Emily Borrego
Andrea Bybee
Julia Cain
Edith Calhoun
Cheryl Cambo
Kristie Cid
Bradley Clabo
Peter Coleman
Sandra Craddock
Jodi Crane Murphy
Andrew Cura
Jaime Dolan
Rosalie Farias
Rena Finn
Christopher Garcia
William Gilliland
John Gomez
Randall Hendrex
Mark Holcomb
Teresa Huff
Linda Jacobo
Ursula Kochenberger
Marla Lanham
Charles Maglia
Patrice McGowen
Brenda Miceli
Suzanne Morey
Katherine Morgan
Thomas Murray
Rozann Navarro
Kimberly O’Connor
Kimberly Pease
Brad Ranson
Linda Robida Reynolds
Carmen Romero
Raymond Roque
Susan Sanchez
Kathleen Sciegel
Kelly Sefcovic
Pamela Sweckard
Diane Thompson
Meegan Toomey
Brian Trimble
Kathleen Vail
Kimberly Van Hee