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Superintendent Macaluso stands with Dalton Sprouse, Jon Pompia and Donny RuybalJon Pompia, the District’s Communications and Social Media Manager since November 2022, was honored by the Southern Colorado Press Club with its Damon Runyon Award, acknowledging a lifetime of media accomplishments and contributions.
The Award was presented Thursday during the Press Club’s 43rd annual Sheepdip Awards Banquet at a sold-out Old Towne Carriage House. On hand for the ceremony were D60 Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso, Director of Communication Dalton Sprouse, Supervisor of Digital Communications Donny Ruybal and many colleagues and friends.
As the awards gala also served as a “roast,” Director of Communication Sprouse and others offered good-natured digs, mostly centered around Jon’s penchant for faux fur coats, feeding abandoned cats, and seeking out clothing deals at local thrift stores.
Jon -- known by many of the athletes he photographs as "Mr. D60" -- also poked fun at himself, pointing out that a lifetime achievement honor “is a nice way of saying I’m old.”
Those assembled for the awards gala learned about the District’s comprehensive and groundbreaking approach to communications through social media, website and mobile app.
In the District, a positive and affirmative narrative is driven by an ongoing and thorough approach to covering classroom activities, the accomplishments of scholars and educators, athletic competitions and the lives of alumni who have gone on to great things.
“In light of a noteworthy event or an accomplishment that merits public attention, a communications office traditionally sends out a press release in hopes that media outlets show up to cover and publicize it,” Jon told the gallery.
“At District 60, however, we have in effect created our own media outlet, complete with video production, still photography and the story format. Rather than wait for the media to show up and reveal all the good things taking place in the District, we proactively do it ourselves. As the saying goes, ‘If you don’t tell your story, someone else will: and it likely won’t be the story you’re hoping for.’”
Jon told the attendees that in the District, “no event is too small or too large to cover. Whether it’s taking place in the classroom, the athletic field, or community – such as the Summer Musical or the Library District’s awards ceremony – we want to let the community, and in effect the world, know what’s happening in the District.”
The uplifting of young people and recognition for their hard work and achievements is Jon’s ultimate goal, the attendees learned.
With more than 18,300 followers on Facebook, and an Instagram audience approaching 5,000, Jon encouraged those who don’t yet engage with the District through social media to “follow us and find out all the good things happening.”