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A young girl smiles as she looks in a mirror while getting her hair cut. For 100 students from our elementary, middle and high schools, an early Christmas present in the form of a fresh new hairstyle and vibrant nails was bestowed through the generosity of the Pueblo Community College Cosmetology Program and Michelle Garcia, coordinator of House Bill 1451 (Collaborative Management Program.)
This heart-warming Santa Self Care Day saw the PCC students donate their time and talents to ensure that students – along with family members – could experience the luxury of a salon setting, receiving at no charge hundreds of dollars worth of services.
“Today, we have students from East, Central, Paragon Learning Center, Heritage, Belmont, Franklin and Heaton,” Coordinator Garcia said. “We wanted to do something special for the kids and that’s how Santa Self Care Day came about.”
Throughout the morning and early afternoon Tuesday, the PCC cosmetologists-in-training provided professional-grade cuts and nail services to a steady procession of District students.
The PCC students are under the guidance of Department Chair Michele Edwards and faculty members Pamela Graham (nail services), Andrea Valencia (hair services) and Lisa Pacheco (esthetician.)
“It’s a nice thing to do for the holidays, and it also benefits our community and our students,” “Ms. Graham said.
“Some of these kids have never been in a salon before, so it’s a nice experience for them. For our students, this is all volunteer, and as you can see, I don’t think anyone didn’t show up to help today.”
In all, the services donated by the PCC students is valued in excess of $1,000.
Added Ms. Valencia, “Pam and I wanted to do a community service event, and we linked up with Michelle one day and decided we were going to bring some kids in for a Christmas pick-me-up.”
The students emerged from the full service salon renewed and eager to show off their new hairstyles and eye-catching nails: the result of yet another enriching community partnership for which the District is grateful.
A young girl shows off her freshly painted nails