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Fire Chief Huber sets on the front bumper of a fire truck with three D60 students
For eloquently expressing their desire to be Fire Chief for a Day, three District third graders, and two from District 70, earned that very right.
Sponsored by the Pueblo Fire Department, The Fire Chief for a Day essay contest is annually held in conjunction with National Fire Prevention Month. After a pandemic-related absence, the contest and its ceremony made a return.
This year’s D60 Fire Chiefs for a Day are Kaylene Lozano Mata (Park View Elementary), Antonio Sandoval (South Park Elementary) and Grayson McCullough (Haaff Elementary).
From D70, the essay winners are Carter Holland (Liberty Point Elementary) and Paisley Bruce (Avondale Elementary.)
The young Chiefs were treated to a fire truck ride from their respective schools to Fire Station No. 4. There, they were given a tour of the facility and learned how firefighters live in the station while on duty.
To an audience comprised of Fire Chief Barb Huber, firefighters and parents and family members, the five essay winners read their pieces, after which each received a certificate officially designating them Fire Chiefs for the Day.
For Antonio, celebrating his award in Fire Station No. 4 had special significance.
His late great-grandfather, for whom the child is named, retired as a Pueblo Fire Department Captain. He worked out of the old Fire Station No. 4 on Evans.
Young Antonio also has an aunt that serves with the local fire department.
ANTONIO’S ESSAYAntonio Sandoval
I want to be Fire Chief for a day because I would want to save people. I would be bold and put out fires. I would show courage and ride the fire truck and spray the hoses. Then I would go down the pole.
Maybe I could try out the gadgets and jaws of life. I will wear the hat and coat and ask do they know there’s a real fire?
Someday I will be a fire chief.
I would like to be Fire Chief for the day for many reasons. One reason is that they save people’s lives. They can use the jaws of life to get people out of cars. Another reason is that they help animals and people. They have oxygen masks to help them breathe.
Also, the Chief sits in the front of the truck and looks at the computer to see where the fire is.
Finally, firefighters put out fires. They grab the hose and spray it on the fire.
These are some reasons I would like to be a Fire Chief for the day.
The Excellent Fire Chief
Being the Fire Chief for the day would be a great experience. I want to be a Fire Chief for the day because I am a good problem solver. If the staff needs help solving a problem, I'm the guy for you! If needed, I can adapt to quick changes. If we need to change plans, I can make it happen.
The Fire Chief needs to have strength and endurance, I can make it happen. If we need to get to a call quickly, I can guide you. If you need help lifting heavy equipment, I'm the best person to help.
As you can see I'm the best for the job.