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Teachers at Minnequa celebrate student achievement resultsThe Colorado Department of Education’s release of assessment and growth data from Spring 2022 reveals that scholars at a host of our schools have met or exceeded the statewide Median Growth Percentile (MGP) benchmarks in Math and English Language Arts.

In the state system, 50 is the MGP benchmark. Any figure above this benchmark shows significant growth from the prior year.

In Math, these schools’ scores topped the 65 MGP mark, exceeding state expectations: Minnequa (73), Highland Park (70), Park View and Sunset Park (69), Goodnight Elementary (67), Franklin (66) and Irving (65.)

Also in Math, the following schools met or topped the 50 MGP benchmark: Corwin Elementary and Middle (60), Franklin (60), Heritage (56) and South Park (51.)

In English Language Arts, schools that exceeded or met state expectations include Corwin and Franklin (60), South Park (58), Heritage (55), Minnequa (53) and Heaton (50.)

At Minnequa and Park View, respectively, Principals Katie Harshman and Floyd Gallegos hosted celebrations acknowledging the dedicated efforts of educators and staff behind the benchmark improvements.

At Minnequa, Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso joined Assessment Data Specialist Tiffany Dehn and D60 Board of Education member Barb Clementi in lauding Principal Harshman and her staff.

Minnequa’s continued upward trajectory generated strong emotion among the Minnequa staff, with plenty tears of joy shared.

Park View staff members rejoice student achievement resultsPark View’s celebration was attended by D60 Board of Education Vice President Tommy Farrell and Assistant Superintendents Suzanne Morey and Eric DeCesaro. The Park View staff stood and applauded as Principal Gallegos revealed the data and praised his staff for their commitment to the Cubs of the East Side school.

The celebration concluded with a serving of cake and soda pop.

Release of the state data also revealed that the District’s 52 MGP in Elementary Math topped the state mark, with Central High School boasting the District’s highest “best of” graduation rate at 96.3 percent. By comparison, the state’s “best of” graduation rate is 87 percent.

Colorado returned to a typical state assessment administration schedule in Spring 2022 with both CMAS English Language Arts and math assessments given in grades three through eight.

“Along with the rest of the state, we continue to work to bridge the valleys that resulted from the disruptions and challenges posed by the pandemic,” said Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso. “Our successes revealed by the state assessment results are to be celebrated, as are the selfless efforts of our teachers and staff in leading our scholars along the bridges to brighter days.”