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Franklin's Principal throws a tennis ball while students watch on a sunny day outsideFor two weeks, the Bobcats of Franklin School of Innovation were challenged to score a perfect 100 percent on Advanced Reading tests: with the promise that if the goal was achieved, they would have a chance to see favorite teachers get all wet.
During the two-week challenge, more than 570 tests were returned with a perfect score, which translated to that many projectiles being tossed at the bullseye that would engage a bucket of water over the head of the teacher in the "hot seat."
On Wednesday, kindergarteners and second-graders tossed 241 missiles, with music teacher Mr. Secora good-naturedly accepting the near continuous shower of water.
On Thursday, first- and fifth-graders tossed 126 missles at first-grade teacher Miss Raynie and fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Tonko, with third and fourth graders doing the honors for third-grade teacher Mr. Giron, with a total of 206 tosses logged.
"Luckily, I didn't win the vote," said Principal Dana DiTomasso-Junkman, who made sure to get in a few tosses of her own.