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Become a SubSubstitute teachers play a critical role in maintaining the continuity of instruction for our students. As “guest teachers,” substitutes have the responsibility of administering the absent teacher’s learning plan while keeping students engaged and involved. 

The District needs substitute teachers at all grade levels. And to make this rewarding opportunity more appealing, the D60 Board of Education this week agreed to increase the pay for those who substitute.

Colorado issues three types of substitute authorizations: 1-year emergency, 3-year, and 5-year, based on educational background and experience. All substitute authorizations are valid for serving in K-12 classrooms.

The 1-year substitute authorization requires the applicant to have a high school diploma or its equivalent, have a current fingerprint-based history on file with the Colorado Department of Education, and have successful experience working with children.

A 3-year substitute authorization requires an earned bachelor's or higher degree from an accredited college/university and a current fingerprint-based history on file with CDE. 

A 5-year substitute authorization requires a current or expired Colorado teacher license/certificate or a current out-of-state teacher license/certificate and a current fingerprint-based background on file with CDE. 

The ideal substitute candidate is at least 21 years old, confident, professional, courteous and attentive, with good communication skills. Some experience working with youth is a plus.

The position is a good fit for retirees, college students, part-time workers, stay-at home parents, and those with flexible schedules.

On a daily basis, the District needs from 100 to 200 substitute teachers. With a nationwide labor shortage, attracting subs has become much more difficult, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Eric DeCesaro told the D60 Board.

To attract more subs, and to encourage those presently substituting to continue, Mr. DeCesaro proposed to the Board increased compensation, complemented by a bonus.

Currently, certified (educator) 1-year subs are making $105 per day; 3-year subs $110; 5-year subs $150; and long-term subs $200. Mr. DeCesaro recommended to the Board that the pay be increased to $120, $125, $165, and $215, respectively. 

Classified subs (custodial, para-pros, etc.) making $12.50 an hour would see that wage move to $13.

Additionally, Mr. DeCesaro proposed a bonus incentive.

Certified substitutes who work 30 days (180 hours) in the fall semester (August-November) would receive a $200 bonus in December. Those who work 45 days (270) hours in the spring semester (January-June) would receive a $300 bonus in June.

Classified substitutes who work 30 days (180 hours) in the fall semester would receive a $100 bonus in December, with subs who work 45 days (270) hours in the spring semester receiving a $150 bonus in June.

“Our hope is this proposal will allow us to hire more substitutes, and that the substitutes we currently have will work more frequently,” Mr. DeCesaro told the Board. “This in turn will reduce some of the frustration our Principals and teachers feel over finding ways to cover when we cannot get a substitute in place.”

The pay rate as proposed by Mr. DeCesaro would make the district competitive with neighboring school districts also looking to attract subs.

Agreeing that the increases are needed, the Board approved Mr. DeCesaro’s proposal.

More information on substituting is available by calling 549-7209.

To begin the substitute application process, click here.