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Bulldog TV crew and support staff
Jacob Lewis oversees the production crew of Bulldog TV at Dutch ClarkOnce again, crews led by Donny Ruybal, Supervisor of Digital Communications for the District, ensured that those who weren’t able to get to Dutch Clark Stadium for football and the halftime shows had the opportunity to take in all the action.
Whether on Comcast 18 or a personal communication device, viewers had all the action, excitement and spectacle in real time.
With back-to-back contests that rounded out the 2022 season, the D60 Sports Production Team wrapped up the fall sports season with much to be proud about: most notably the involvement of students, whose expertise and dedication allowed the productions to unfold.
“Our broadcast, streaming and image magnification production support have continued to improve since 2017, when D60 began offering students hand-on learning and live production experiences at Dutch Clark Stadium,” explained Supervisor Ruybal.
In total this season, 8 football productions were turned out, with students from Centennial, South and Risley students taking part.
“The crew from Centennial, Bulldog TV, was the most committed and served as the primary crew for the season, under leadership from first-year teacher Jacob Lewis,” Supervisor Ruybal explained. “I'm very appreciative of Bulldog TV students and Mr. Lewis for their dedication this season. Their commitment allowed us to take leaps in the quality of product we were able to deliver.”
A female student wears her Centennial Letter Jacket while standing behind a camera at Dutch ClarkIn a real time environment, students are exposed to a wide range of hands-on learning opportunities, filling roles such as technical director, director, audio engineer, graphics provider, replay person, and camera operator.
“Live production is the strongest training tool toward learning the craft of video production,” Supervisor Ruybal explained. “We offer all of our high school students and select middle school students the opportunity to troubleshoot, produce, create art, tell the story, amplify the moment and work in a team setting.
“There is a misconception that you need to know the sport of football well in order to be good at live sports production. Not necessarily: what's more important is that students have a desire to make things better, to represent our district athletes in superior light and to work in a team setting where anything is possible.”
In the press box this season, longtime Centennial football coach Jeff Wilkerson served as color commentator to a rotation of play-by-play commentators.
“Having Coach Wilkerson in the broadcast booth brought a new level of insight to our broadcasts which was refreshing and well-received,” added Supervisor Ruybal.
The challenges that often come with live production can offer opportunities that allow students to develop skills that will serve them throughout life.Three female bulldog students use technical equipment to produce a football game at Dutch Clark
“The nuances of live production allow students to find solutions to problems, make important decisions, mitigate mistakes and create art,” Supervisor Ruybal continued. “And most importantly, students are able to experience accomplishment with their classmates and friends. This recipe creates a unique learning environment which can be life changing for students who participate.”
Although the football season is complete, the D60 Sports Production Team is looking to the future.
“Moving forward, we are putting together a basketball broadcast schedule and are going to take on a couple track events early next year,” Supervisor Ruybal said. “We are also looking forward to entering a short film festival to explore the art of filmmaking. We are hoping to get more D60 students involved in our productions and welcome any student who is interested to reach out.”
Those interested in joining the D60 Sports Production Team are encouraged to reach out to
The team also is seeking play-by-play commentators for the upcoming basketball season as well as the 2023 gridiron campaign.
  • Technical Director: Isabella Torres
  • Macros/ Breaks: Bella Vigil
  • Replay: Camryn Vigil
  • Tags/CG: Bella Montalvo Moreno
  • Score Bug/Producer: Isaiah Ortiz
  • Audio Master: Cameryn Cordova
  • Audio Music/Crowd: Kianna Phillips
  • Cam 1 (Game): Raina Rael
  • Cam 2: Beija Lopez
  • Cam 3: Juliza Esparza
  • Cam 4: Laila Duran
  • Layla Aguilar (2nd Unit Director)
  • Michelle Buttram (2nd Unit Producer)
  • Katia Miranda (2nd Unit Photographer)