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 Columbian students present a check to a parkview nurseUnder the direction of pre-school teachers Bethany Kostecka and Sondra Martinez and the pre-school team, a good-hearted group of Columbian Thunderbolts did their part in the ongoing fight against breast cancer.
“My co-teacher and I hold a special place in our hearts for this cause, as both of us have relatives that have had breast cancer,” said Bethany. “We wanted to do something special to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Day, so we decided on having a spirit day.”
Students were allowed to wear a hat, or something pink, for $1. The team that raised the most money was promised a pizza party.
“The students filled Breast Cancer Awareness Day with lots of pink,” said Bethany. “It was so awesome to see. The family of one little boy in preschool made him a shirt to honor his grandma.”
In all, $600 was raised, which on Thursday was donated to representatives of Parkview Health System Cancer Care Center by ThunderBolt Javier and his sister, whose family has been affected by breast cancer.
The Parkview representatives praised the ThunderBolts for their generosity.
“A lot of people need a lot of help,” said one representative. “And thanks to your donation, this will help alleviate some of the worry our patients face.”
For winning the fundraising battle, the Columbian fifth graders will receive that promised pizza party.