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Google Classroom

You can access Google Classroom on an Android or Apple phone, iPad, Chrome OS mobile device, as well as on Windows and Mac computers. 


  • You can find Google Classroom on the District 60 website → Technology Links → Google Classroom
  • You can also go to, go to the 3x3 array in the top right corner, and click on Google Classroom.
  • Once you are there you log in with your student district email (grades 3 – 5).
  • Example student - Sally Name  School ID 153456, first initial, last initial and last 4 numbers of student ID
  • Username sn3456
  • Password colu3456 (if this password does not work let your classroom teacher know ASAP)
    • When you are in it will ask you to join since your teacher invited you all to join.  
    • If you are logging in using a parent's email (grades Kdg.-2nd) teachers will send an invite along with a code to get in.