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 Daneya Esgar, Governor Polis, and Tommy FarrellRisley International Academy of Innovation, home to the Boys and Girls of Pueblo County East Side Clubhouse, hosted two special guests Wednesday, both of whom came bearing educational good news.
Surrounded by Clubhouse children and a host of special guests – including District 60 Board of Education member Tommy Farrell – Governor Jared Polis signed into law two pro-education bills championed by State Representative and District 60 product Daneya Esgar.
The first creates a Fifth‐Day Supplemental Enrichment and Support Grant program to award grants on a 3‐year cycle to community‐based nonprofits like the Boys and Girls Clubs of Pueblo County, YMCA and El Pueblo Museum that provide supplemental programs during the 4‐day school week.
Grant funds will be used to support students' academic development on Fridays, provide meals for students attending the program, and acquire educational materials and necessary technology to provide supplemental enrichment programming.
“The activities at the Boys and Girls Clubs’ Friday sites are geared toward achieving meaningful outcomes for kids we have on that one full weekday in our core areas of academic success, healthy lifestyles and good character and leadership,” said Angela Giron, President/CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Pueblo County.
“This law is going to be a huge win for kids and working families,” Representative Esgar told those assembled in front of Risley. “And I’m so proud to have it signed into law, by our Governor, right here in Pueblo, at the Boys and Girls Club: I think that is so important.
“Working parents know how important it is to have somewhere stable and reliable for their kids to be while they are hard at work. Organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs, El Pueblo Museum, YMCA are there for our kids. And it’s time we support the important work that they do, every single day.”
The second measure provides $2 million in funding for the existing Career Development Incentive Program, designed to prepare those high school students who do not plan to attend college for the working world.
The Career Development Incentive Program provides up to $1,000 in incentive funds for each high school student who successfully completes qualified industry credential programs, internships, residencies, construction pre-apprenticeship or construction apprenticeship programs, or qualified AP courses.
The signed bill, Representative Esgar said, “helps us open the program up so that more students can take advantage of it. We want to make sure families know this program exists. We want to make sure they know how to take advantage of it.”
Along with a Clubhouse member, Board Member Tommy Farrell (pictured at right) received from the Governor a pen used to sign the important bills into law, with Representative Esgar looking on.