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D60 Welcomes Jon Pompia to the Communications Team

Jon Pompia After a successful career working for the Pueblo Chieftain for more than 20 years, Jon Pompia has accepted the position as the Communications and Social Media Manager for D60. Jon spent the last five years covering all district-related news and is very familiar with our programs and has a passion for sharing telling stories to highlight our students and staff's accomplishments.

Jon's addition to the communications team has already been noticed with the outpouring of news articles now written internally. "We always enjoyed sharing positive news stories with Jon in the past and knew that he would do his best to cover our events," said D60's director of communications, Dalton Sprouse. "Now that he is working for us, he can dedicate his time to share even more of the stories that are worthy of sharing with our community."

While working for the Pueblo Chieftain, Jon and his supervisor were instrumental in creating the Education Page that was included in the Tuesday edition of the paper. Citizens could count on a page dedicated to sharing only positive news about our area school districts, and it was a favorite of many readers. This content was greatly appreciated and often submitted directly from D60.

"Whenever we would share one of their stories from the education page on our social media, the comments and likes would always be off the charts in comparison to our other posts," Sprouse added. "It is unfortunate that the Chieftain appears to have done away with that segment, but we are thrilled that we now have Jon so that we can produce even more stories than ever before."

Over the next several weeks, Jon will be completing a series on the CTE programs, and is preparing to share information about the mental health resources available to our students and families. 

D60 is looking forward to a day when schools can return to normal so that Jon can cover other important district events such as school choir concerts, theater shows, and middle school sporting events. 

"This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the great work the district is doing in shaping the leaders of tommorow," Jon said. "I look forward to highlighting the achievements of our students, as well as the efforts of our dedicated staff who continue to provide them with the tools for a bright and productive future." 

Jon Pompia lends a hand delivering toys at D60 event