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NAACP  President Roxanna Mack and Vice President Helen Wiley  present Principal Dehn with a donation checkFor the fifth year, members of the Pueblo NAACP Branch 4005 remembered the scholars and staff of Beulah Heights, Park View, Columbian and Bradford elementary schools with a $250 donation to be used as needed.
On Wednesday, President Roxanna Mack and Vice President Helen Wiley presented checks to Beulah Heights Principal Jonathan Dehn, Park View Principal Floyd Gallegos, Columbian Principal Jimmie Pool and Bradford Principal Michelle Padilla.
“We believe this benefits the kids as well as the teachers,” said President Mack. “It’s a community project to help out our school district, as we want to be a part of the growth of our schools and children.”
Principal Dehn said the thoughtful gift will be put to worthy use.
“We are always just so grateful to have great partners in our community who are willing to support our classrooms and give what they can to make us a little bit better,” Principal Dehn said. “We are always mindful of the help they are giving our students in the classrooms.”