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Enrollment Now Open for Kindergarten

Backpacks hanging outside a classroom Kindergarten offers a wealth of benefits for youngsters, including the development of a strong sense of identity and independence and opportunities to explore their feelings and become more aware of the reasons for them.

Through Kindergarten, children are taught language, literacy and numeracy skills, and the all-important social skills, including getting along and playing with others in a respectful and enriching manner.

Long before Colorado Gov. Jared Polis championed full-day Kindergarten statewide, Pueblo School District 60 has offered full-day Kindergarten at each of its elementary schools and with it, free breakfast and lunch at all elementary schools with the exception of Fountain International.

Research has shown that full-day Kindergarten can result in higher long-term achievement, especially for low-income and disadvantaged children, and higher reading and test scores in early grades.

And if your child was born on or before Oct. 1, 2016, he or she is eligible for D60’s Kindergarten in the upcoming 2021-22 school year.

There are several ways to register a child for Kindergarten. An easy and convenient way is through our website, www.PuebloD60org. To register a child who is currently enrolled in a D60 preschool, we ask that you upload a clear picture of your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID to confirm your identity.

If your child is not currently enrolled in a D60 preschool, we ask that you provide clear and readable photos or scans of your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID; your child’s birth certificate; a legal guardianship document, if you are not named on the birth certificate; a mortgage statement on lease agreement, showing your name and current address; and your child’s immunization record, if you have it on hand.

You can also register a child through his or her neighborhood school, bringing along all required documentation.

If you prefer that your child attend Kindergarten in a school other than the neighborhood school, School Choice allows for that option, with the lottery process currently underway and concluding on Feb. 15.

The School Choice application is available on our website. A kindergarten teacher shows flashcards to students

It’s always a good idea to register as soon as possible, but registrations will be accepted through the summer and leading up to the start of school.

Cary Palumbo, Executive Director of Elementary Education, said the district’s Kindergarten program can provide a solid foundation for children as they begin their educational journey.

“The fact that all of our schools across the district are full-day is huge,” said Ms. Palumbo. “Our programs are academically inclined: we’re going to teach kids to read, teach them number sense while giving them the social experience, which is always a big deal.

“And the fact that we offer universal free breakfast and lunch at most of our schools is a big cost saving for parents.”

Those with questions about Kindergarten, and/or the registration process, are encouraged to call 253-6014 or write to