Physical Education

  • Welcome to Park View! This is my eleventh year as a P.E. teacher and my sixth year at Park View Elementary. I hope that Physical Education will be a fun and exciting class. Kindergarten through second grade will primarily focus on skill sets that will apply to the sports setting as ability increases. Third through fifth grade will focus on a combination of skills that were developed from kindergarten through second grade. These skill sets will be applied to team sports, individual sports, and lifetime fitness activities. I look forward to special events such as the Park View Health Fair, Obstacle Course Zoo Night, and Jump Rope for Heart!

    WE ARE A NO EXCUSES UNIVERSITY! We can either have results or excuses, not both!

  • Mr. Justin Novosel

    Degrees and Certifications:
    BS in Exercise Science, Health Promotion, and Recreation; MS in Athletic Administration

    Emailing me is the most efficient way to reach me. I check emails throughout the day and will respond accordingly. If you have questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.


    The documents tab has a copy of syllabus and other insightful information.


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