• Pueblo School District 60 Volunteer Clearance Procedure

    The following procedure will be used to process all volunteers in Pueblo School District 60. Building level administrators or administrative assistants should utilize this process.

    All parents/family members or community supporters volunteering time to work with students in the school building or during school functions must fill out an application for volunteering.

    Building sites will retain the paperwork and email the volunteer’s name, birth date, social security number, and most recent state of residence to the Human Resources (HR) office. HR will perform either a CBI background check for Colorado residents, a Colorado Department of Education background check, or a national background check on volunteers recently relocating to Colorado.

    Within 5 working days, HR will email the school with a clearance or denial for individuals on its volunteer list. 

    Goodnight procedure:  Volunteers denied access will be notified by letter from the Goodnight Principal.