Title I

  • Franklin School of Innovation is a Title I School

    How is that money spent?
    We use it to purchase technology for students to use, academic materials, and are able to have extra staff to support reading, writing, and math (Interventionist, and 2  extra teachers to lower class-size, full-time counselor, instructional tutors, etc.)

     What else does it mean?
    It means that parents have the right to request information on teacher's qualifications including their state licensing criteria, their status, their certification, content areas, and the certifications of paraprofessionals, etc. 

    How can parents be involved?
    Parents can join our PTO and there is a Parent/Family Engagement Committee that meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  These committees can have input in our Title I Compact, decisions, etc. 

    Who can I contact if I have more questions?

    Dana DiTomaso-Junkman,  Principal - dana.ditomasojunkman@pueblocityschools.us

    Tara Berg Title I Coordinator - tara.berg@pueblocityschools.us