Dress Code

  • All students attending Roncalli STEM Academy are expected to wear a uniform according to the following guidelines:

    Pants and Shorts: Khaki or black pants/shorts/skirts only.

    No excessively baggy or tight clothing; must be within one size of student’s standard measurement. Straight-legged dress/casual pants in the above solid colors only.

    1. Khaki or black pants or shorts are worn at the waist (no sagging)
    2. Khaki or black shorts and khaki-colored skirts must reach the top of the knee when standing.
    3. Black leggings may be worn under knee-length khaki skirts. No other color legging will be allowed. Leggings are only allowed with skirts.
    4. No holes, tears, chains, writing, decoration, or decals.


    Shirts/Tops: Black Polo Shirts only.

    1. Black Polo shirts cannot be oversized and cannot be longer than the top of the legs. Shirts must be free of any logo other than the RSA logo.
    2. Visible undershirts or turtleneck shirts must be solid white, grey, or black without printing, pattern, or logo of any kind. Please make sure an acceptable long sleeveshirt is worn during cold weather. Hoodies are not allowed except outside during lunches. ONLY designated Roncalli sweatshirts and jackets may be worn over polo
      shirts.  If you are unable to purchase a designated Roncalli sweatshirt or jacket, a SOLID black crew sweatshirt of non-hooded jacket may be worn oer polos.  
    3. Shirts may not be altered in any way.
    4. Roncalli crew sweatshirts (no hood)  and non-hooded jackets with Roncalli STEM Academy Logo may be purchased at Embroidery Plus.



    • Hats, bandannas, and other head-coverings are not appropriate at school and will be confiscated to be retrieved by a parent/guardian.
    • Belts may not hang below the bottom of the shirt.
    • Excessive jewelry is discouraged.
    • Accessories that display vulgar, lewd, obscene images or imply gang affiliation, or which advocate the use of alcohol/drugs, or make reference to any illegal activity are prohibited.
    • Shoes must be closed-toe and cover the entire foot. No slip-on shoes or sandals may be worn. This is to ensure safety while working in STEM-focused classrooms. 


    School Uniforms may be purchased at:

    Embroidery Plus
    501 West Street
    Pueblo, Colorado, 81003

    Students coming to school out of dress code can receive disciplinary action such as being held out of class, lunch detention, being sent home to change, etc. If you are experiencing difficulty obtaining a uniform, please contact Administration for support.

    **It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and student to read the district’s dress code policy (See SC&DC File: JICA) and to know what it is.