About Belmont Elementary School

  • Location:
    31 MacNaughton Road
    Pueblo, CO 81001

    Telephone: 719-549-7500

    Attendance Line
    (to report a student absence or tardy): 

    Fax: 719-253-5241


  • Outside front of Belmont school

    The consummate "neighborhood school," Belmont Elementary has served as the center of the Belmont neighborhood for over 60 years. For decades, many prominent Puebloans walked these halls, growing up to be the businesspeople and city councilmembers that continue to shape Pueblo to the modern day. A big reason for the strong track record of success at Belmont Elementary is its unwavering community support from its families and the surrounding neighborhood, allowing Belmont to excel and achieve at high levels. 

    Today, Belmont prides itself on the leadership qualities exhibited by its students, as well as its constant expectation of excellence from its students.