About Central High School

  • Location:
    216 East Orman Ave. | Pueblo, CO 81004

    Telephone: 719-549-7300
    Fax: 719-549-7306

    Attendance Line: 719-549-7301
    (to report a student absence or tardy):

    Email: central@pueblod60.org

  • Front facade of Central High School in Pueblo, Colorado

    Purpose Statement: 

    Central High School is dedicated to empowering and inspiring ALL students to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to compete both academically and professionally.

    Since it was first built in 1882 on East Pitkin Avenue before later moving to its iconic Orman Avenue residence, Central High School has defined what Pueblo is all about. For nearly 140 years, being a Wildcat has stood for more than just donning Central blue and white. Being a Wildcat, much like being a proud Puebloan, stands for a steadfast dedication to history, people, tradition, and above all, academics.

    The history of Central lives every day inside its hallowed walls, housed inside of a reverent structure that has stood since 1901 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    It lives in the people that have walked its halls, such as numerous professional athletes like NFL Inaugural Hall-of-Famer Dutch Clark, two Congressional Medal of Honor recipients in William Crawford and Carl Sitter, and even a former Colorado governor (Walter Johnson) and U.S. Air Force general (Robert Stillman).

    The tradition of Central lives on as one half of the longest football rivalry west of the Mississippi River in the annual "Bell Game" against Centennial.

    Finally, in academics, Central lives on as a STEM Magnet School, instilling students with the problem-solving, technical knowledge and communication skills to thrive in the science, technology, engineering and mathematic careers of the 21st century.