Dress Code

  • Pueblo Academy of Arts believes that coming to school each day “Dressed for Success” supports the vision of College and Career Ready Students. The PAA dress code addresses the need for success, safety, and modesty, which helps to support a World-Class Learning Environment. 

    ALL students are required to wear the uniform while on campus or on District transportation. 


    • Bottoms (Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Capris)
    • Must be Khaki/tan. 
    • All bottoms MUST be solid in color. 
    • Bottoms include Dickies, polyester or cotton dress bottoms
    • Belts: Entire belt MUST be through loops.
    • Shorts/Skirts must be knee-length or longer. Tights may be worn under skirts



    • MUST be polo shirts with PAA logo (gray or purple ONLY)
    • Undershirts may be worn but must be ONLY a single color: black, white, gray, purple. No logos or print on undershirts.
    • Shirts MUST be tucked in at all times, not rolled. 
    • Letter jackets must remain unbuttoned during the day. 



    • Shoes with laces MUST be tied. 
    • No Flip-Flops, slippers, athletic slide sandals, Croc sandals


    Not Allowed

    • NO other color than khaki/tan bottoms.
    • NO Jeans.
    • NO spandex fabric or leggings. 
    • NO sweatpants. 
    • No Hanging Belts, bandana belts, or hanging chains.
    • Bottoms MUST be free from decals, holes/tears, or any decorations.
    • No sagging pants/shorts - below the waistline



    • May NOT have any logo other than the PAA logo.
    • MUST not be excessively LARGE or SMALL.
    • May NOT be tied or otherwise altered. 
    • No hoodies, sweaters, or non-letter jackets can be worn in the classroom. No hooded shirts under PAA polo shirts. 



    • No spikes (earrings) or jewelry on the outside of clothing that might be a safety issue, especially hanging necklaces. 
    • No Headbands (Sweatbands), bandanas, sunglasses, or hats worn in the school building.
    • No excessive face makeup or drawings on the face or other parts of the body.


    As part of our World Class Learning Environment, students will Dress for Success on approved days. Professional attire may include dress shirts, ties, dress pants, knee-length skirts/dresses. Shoulders must be covered and shoes must be appropriate. Remember that we are Dressing For Success

    The following list of vendors will be supplying approved clothing:

    Embroidery Plus
    501 West Street 
    Pueblo, CO 81003

    The Spirit Store
    4231 N. Elizabeth
    Pueblo, CO 81008

    PAA Administration has the final say to determine whether a student is violating the dress code.

    **It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and student to read the district’s dress code policy (See SC&DC File: JICA) and to know what it is.