Dress Code

  • Heaton Middle School believes that coming to school each day DRESSED FOR SUCCESS supports the vision of the College and Career oriented culture. The dress code for the 2019-2020 school year addresses the need for success, safety, and modesty, which helps support the sanctity and consistency of the learning environment.

    It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and student to read the district’s dress code policy (See SC&DC File: JICA) and to know what it is.

    • All Students will be required to wear the uniform while on campus!
    • Sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets may be worn at lunch, coming to school, and leaving school. No hoodies, sweatshirts or jackets will be allowed in the classrooms/common areas. All of these items must be kept in a student’s locker (students are not permitted to carry them with them during the school day). Students are permitted to wear long-sleeve shirts and/or undershirts that are uniform approved.



    • Bottoms ALL BOTTOMS MUST: Be Khaki/Tan in color ONLY.
    • Be Twill fabric/material ONLY.
    • Cargo shorts, Bermuda shorts, shorts, and Capris may be worn as long as they meet the previous stipulations.
    • Skorts may or may not have pockets or belt loops.
    • Tops ALL TOPS: Must be polo shirts with the Heaton logo (Monday through Thursday).
    • May ONLY be gray or maroon in color.
    • Undershirts may be worn but must ONLY be Black or White with no logos or print.



    • Bottoms May NOT be made of ANY stretch or form-fitting material.
    • NO yoga pants. May NOT be any color other than Khaki/Tan.
    • Should NOT have rivets of any kind on seams or pockets (rivets are found on jeans).
    • Tops May NOT have any logo other than approved Heaton Middle School Logos. Must NOT be excessively LARGE or SMALL.
    • This includes both boys' and girls' shirts. May not be tied or otherwise altered from a natural drape on one’s body.


    Special Dress Days

    • Approved by the Principal first.
    • Jean Days: blue or black colored jeans only! Shorts and jeans cannot have any rips, tears, or holes above the knees.


    Not Allowed!

    • NO Skirts, or short shorts
    • NO Yoga pants!!!!
    • NO Leggings!!
    • Excessive Bracelets CAN NOT be worn. Students may wear one or two on each arm.
    • NO High socks, mismatched socks
    • No Gauges, spikes, body piercings (only ear piercings allowed) – Piercings MAY NOT be covered by band-aids! If a student chooses to wear a “plug” or “holder” in a piercing, it must be clear plastic and not protrude out of the skin/piercing hole(s) – cannot be seen!
    • NO Adding to uniform - o Such as sunglasses, suspenders, scarves, neckties, bandanas, etc.
    • NO Large colored headbands that cover the head.
    • NO HATS while on the school campus (before, during or after school)
    • NO headbands larger than ½ inch or colors other than black or white.
    • NO Oversized clothing of any kind.
    • NO Holes, tears, or rips in pants or shorts and shirts/undershirts.
    • NO Sagging pants/shorts – below the waistline.
    • NO Unnatural hair color (purple, blue, green, etc).
    • NO Belts hanging down – entire belt must be through the loops
    • NO Chain belts
    • NO Mohawk over 2 inches long/tall and unnatural hairstyles
    • NO Gang colors (red, brown, royal blue, etc.), logo’s (ANYTHING gang affiliated) o Such as gang colored shoelaces or belts, bandanas, etc.
    • NO Visible tattoos related to gangs, drugs, weapons, etc
    • NO Safety pins, rubber bands, or hair ties, etc can be used to tie back shirts.
    • NO Bracelets with inappropriate sayings/symbols (ie. Boobies)
    • NO Jewelry resembling weapons of any kind
    • Dress code sweeps will be conducted periodically.


    Students MUST correct any dress code violation before returning to class.


  • Dress Code Requirements