Dress Code

  • Formal Uniform

    Formal Dress Days:

    • Mondays
    • Academic events and field trips


    Formal Dress Uniform for Boys:

    • Dress pants/shorts
    • White, button-up dress shirt
    • Tie or sweater vest with CIMS logo


    Formal Dress Uniform for Girls:

    • Dress pants/shorts/capris
    • Skirts/skorts or jumpers, with black or white tights underneath
    • White, button-up dress shirt
    • A tie, cross bow-tie or tab bow-tie, or sweater vest with crest
    • Undershirts should be solid black or white



    • Black, khaki or black/gold plaid


    Uniform items that are a distraction to the learning environment are not permitted.  

    This includes:

    • facial piercings
    • excessive make-up
    • unnatural hair colors
    • excessive jewelry


    Uniform Specifics


    • Dress Shirts: Solid white button-up, collared dress shirts (Monday only)
    • Polos (T/W/TH Only): Black, Gold, White


    Uniform Sweaters:

    • Vest: Black (CIMS logo required)
    • Cardigan Sweaters: Black or White (CIMS logo required)



    • Black or Khaki dress pants or shorts
    • Black, khaki or plaid for skorts or jumpers
    • Shorts may be worn from August to October and from April to June. If skirts are worn, leggings or tights should be worn underneath.
    • Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be no shorter than four inches above the knee.



    • Black or white casual shoes with small accents of black or white
    • Black or brown flat dress shoes
    • Appropriate footwear for PE classes.
    • Black or white shoelaces 



    • Solid black or white socks

    Casual Dress Day:

    • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
    • Home athletic events


    Casual Dress Uniform for Boys:

    • Dress pants/shorts
    • Polo with CIMS logo or CIMS spirit shirt


    Casual Dress Uniform for Girls:

    • Pants/shorts/capris/skirts/skorts or jumpers
    • Polo with CIMS crest or CIMS spirit shirt


    CIMS Logo

    Crests must be included on the following items:

    • Polo Shirts
    • Sweater Vests and Cardigans
    • Logo may be embroidered or silkscreen variety.



    Corwin International PE uniforms:

    • All MYP grades will dress for PE
    • Optional for PYP students
    • CIMS logo T-Shirt and Shorts can be purchased from the CIMS PE department.
    • Athletic shoes are required for physical activity.



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