Dress Code

  • The goal of the school uniform is to provide a balanced playing field among students and to instill a sense of pride through a “Dress For Success” experience. The school dress code seeks to support and implement high standards while also helping maintain the students’ focus on learning. School uniforms limit distractions and support the development of personal character. Violations of the dress code may result in disciplinary action and/or loss of privileges.

    Corwin International Magnet School has two main types of uniforms:

    • The formal or dress uniform and
    • The casual uniform.


    Formal Dress Days:
    Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday and at academic events on or off-campus Students should remain in complete uniform after the school day has ended until leaving the CIMS


    Formal Dress Uniform for Boys Consists of:

    • Dress pants/shorts,
    • Tucked in, buttoned-up to the collar white shirt,
    • A tie or school uniform sweater vest with CIMS crest.


    Formal Dress Uniform for Girls Consists of: 

    • Dress pants/shorts/capris
    • Skirts/skorts or jumpers, with black or white tights underneath
    • Buttoned-up to the collar white shirt that is tucked in
    • A tie, cross bow-tie or tab bow-tie, or school uniform sweater vest with crest,
    • Undershirts should be solid black or white


    Casual Dress Day:
    Thursday and at home athletic events


    Casual Dress Uniform for Boys Consists of:

    • Dress pants/shorts and
    • Polo with CIMS crest or club shirt


    Casual Dress Uniform for Girls Consists of:

    • pants/shorts/capris/skirts/skorts or jumpers,
    • polo shirt or club shirt


    Corwin International PE uniforms:

    • Students in grades 6-8 will dress for PE.
    • Dressing out for PE is optional in grades 4-5; however, students should remove ties and be inappropriate clothing for movement (i.e. athletic shoes, no skirts, rompers, etc.)
    • CIMS logo T-Shirt and Shorts can be purchased from the CIMS PE department.
    • Athletic shoes are required for physical activity.


    CIMS Crest:
    Crests must be included on the following items:

    • Thursday Polo Shirts
    • Sweater Vests and Cardigans
    • Crest may be embroidered or silkscreen variety.


    Please note: Outerwear is not permitted during the school day, except for lunch and recess. These 15 items should be kept in lockers throughout the remainder of the day. Students are encouraged to layer uniform-approved clothing and purchase uniform sweaters for the winter months.


    Specific Uniform Elements:


    • Dress Shirts: Solid white button-up, collared dress shirts (long or short-sleeved)
    • All shirts must button up to the collar and be tucked in.
    • Polos (Thursday Only): Black, Gold, White (requires CIMS Crest)
    • Club Shirts (Thursday Only): Approved designs acquired through CIMS Academic and Service Clubs.


    Uniform Sweaters:

    • Vest: Black (CIMS crest required)
    • Cardigan Sweaters: Black or White (CIMS crest required)
    • Letter Sweaters: Permitted and awarded through honor roll assemblies



    • Black



    • Black or Khaki for all bottoms or approved black/gold plaid for girls’ skorts or skirts
    • Dress pants
    • Shorts, capris, and skirts, skorts, or jumpers
    • Bottoms should not be cargo; no exterior pockets or loops; not skinny/tight
    • Shorts may be worn from August to October and from April to June only.
    • Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee; not skinny or tight.
    • Not permitted: joggers, elastic bottoms, leggings, skinny jeans/pants, or pants with tears, holes, or rivets.



    • Students may wear a solid black or white shoe every day. Small accents of black or white can be present.
    • Students may wear black or brown dress shoes.
    • Students must have appropriate footwear for PE classes.
    • Shoelaces should be solid black or white.



    • Socks should be solid, white, black, or brown.
    • Small accents of black or white can be present.



    • Black, khaki or black/gold plaid


    Belts (if needed):

    • Solid color black or brown


    The following are not permitted in school:

    • Hooded sweatshirts, zip up or athletic jackets, and other non– uniform outerwear. Trendy clothing items are not considered uniform.
    • Unnatural, disruptive, or excessive make-up, hair cuts, and hair colors
    • Facial piercings, ear bars, large hoop earrings more than 1.5”, or excessive jewelry items
    • Non-uniform colored accessories
    • Hats, coats, kerchiefs, gloves, sunglasses and other outdoor items


    The CIMS staff reserves the right to restrict student dress and add additional parameters on student dress requirements as needed.