Dress Code

  • We want our children to become accustomed to dressing for success. The school dress code seeks to complement and reflect those high standards while also helping maintain the students’ focus on the task at hand and on issues of personal character. The International Magnet Schools have two main types of uniforms: the formal or dress uniform and casual uniform.

    Please keep the following uniform guidelines in mind:

    • Shirts are required to be tucked in.
    • No exterior labels
    • All accessories should meet the Pueblo School District 60 Code of Conduct Guidelines and Student Handbook Requirements.
    • Skirts, skorts, jumpers, and shorts must be no more than 2 inches from the top of the knee.


    General uniform items such as the white button-up shirts, black or khaki pants, shorts, shirts, jumpers, and skorts can be purchased at any store in Pueblo that carries uniforms. Specialty ties and plaids can be purchased at Pueblo stores that specialize in carrying uniforms and online uniform stores. Just keep in mind that these clothing items cannot have exterior labels.

    Uniforms (Grades Kindergarten - 3rd)
    Casual Dress Days:

    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    • Casual Dress Days for boys consists of a two-piece outfit: pant/short and polo shirt.
    • Casual Dress Days for girls consist of a two-piece outfit: pant/capris/short/skirt/skort or jumper and a polo shirt. Solid black, brown, or white athletic shoes, which may have small highlights of either black or white (no sandals, boots, or heels). Athletic shoes are required for PE.

    Formal Dress Days:

    • Monday
    • Formal Dress Days for boys consist of a three-piece outfit:
      pant/short, button-up white shirt (long or short-sleeved), tie or sweater vest. Blazer or button-up or V-neck cardigan sweaters can be worn for formal field trips or presentations as well as on cooler days. Solid black or brown dress shoes only (no sandals, boots, or heels). Athletic shoes are required for PE.
    • Formal Dress Days for girls consist of a three-piece outfit: pant/capris/short/skirt/skort or jumper, button-up white shirt (long or short-sleeved), and cross bow-tie or tab bow-tie. Additionally, button-up or V-neck sweaters and blazers can be worn on cooler days as well as for presentations or formal field trips. Solid black or brown dress shoes only (no sandals, boots, or heels).

    *All polo-shirts must have the Fountain International Crest. Specialty uniform stores in Pueblo, as well as a few embroidery stores, can embroider the crest on polo-shirts purchased at other local stores.

    School uniforms must be worn daily during regular school hours and during field trips. In addition to the school uniform policy, the following dress code rules apply:

    1. Uniforms must be neat and clean.
    2. Pants/shorts must be worn at the natural waist and fit appropriately (baggy, sagging or dragging pants, belt buckles hanging down are prohibited). Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Belts are required. Solid black or brown shoes only (no sandals, boots, or heels). Athletic shoes may have small highlights of either black or white.
    3. Skorts and shorts are acceptable when they are long enough so that when arms are held straight down, the fingertips touch the material, not skin. 12
    4. Cellular phones are not permitted (see the district Student Conduct and Discipline Code handbook).
    5. Summer-type clothing can be worn before the month of October and after Spring Break.
    6. Tights or leggings should be worn under shorts and skirts.


    Accessories and Extraneous Attire The following MAY NOT be worn to school:

    • Makeup, such as eye shadow, eyeliner or lipstick, which include after school and at official school events.
    • Large hoop earrings more than 1.5”
    • Facial piercings of any kind
    • Decorated headbands, other than school uniform colors
    • Mohawk haircuts or hair feathers
    • Any style of clothing or accessories that identifies students with a particular group
    • Colors or accessories under or on any part of the uniform
    • Any other clothing or accessory considered distracting to learning by the school staff
    • Colored shoelaces, striped/patterned socks, or socks with color
    • The FIMS staff reserves the right to restrict student dress and carrying of personal items as deemed necessary.


    Other dress code restrictions include the following:

    • Hats, hoods, kerchiefs, gloves, sunglasses, and other outdoor items may be worn to school but may not be worn inside the building. Coats must be hung up in designated areas in the classroom. They may be worn during recess when the weather makes them necessary.
    • Baseball-style caps must have the bill facing forward. Hats must be worn straight on the head and not tilted.
    • Coats are not to be worn during class time. Uniform sweaters and blazers are allowed.


    Please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the type of weather our area is experiencing. Parents should support their child by assuring that he or she comes to school in correct uniform attire. Shorts and other spring/summer clothing are not appropriate for winter. Students should always bring a jacket to school during winter months as the weather may change quickly. 

    FIMS Uniform Brochure