Dress Code

  • All students are to dress for learning in attire that provides comfort, modesty, and ensures safety. The student’s appearance and attire should not disrupt the learning atmosphere at Park View Elementary School.

    The standardization of attire for learning will be unisex plain collared polo shirts and the school spirit shirts. Polo shirts must be in either of the following color— navy blue  and may be purchased at any store.

    School spirit shirts may be purchased at the school office. We will be phasing out all colors and moving toward our school's traditional colors of blue and gold. The cost of spirit shirts is $8.00.

    Students may also wear tops/shirts which are awarded to them for academic excellence, special school groups, etc.

    Monday and Thursday students wear their spirit shirts, while on Tuesday and Wednesday they can wear their own shirts. However, it must be school appropriate.  

    Students will be allowed to wear jeans, slacks, cropped pants, skirts, skorts, and shorts that are of the appropriate length for school not for summer play. There will be no sagging or excessively baggy pants, belts are to be worn. Belts are not to hang in excess.

    Athletic shorts are not allowed.

    If a student does not wear the appropriate Park View approved uniform, a loaner shirt will be given to the student to wear for the day and the student will be charged 50 cents per day along with walking recess.

    Appropriate footwear for physical education includes the type of shoe that is a closed-toe sport type, appropriate for running, indoor/outdoor activities. No flip-flops or sandals are to be worn for PE classes.

    Minimal jewelry should be worn. Large hoops, dangling earrings or long fingernails are not allowed due to the concern for the child’s safety in physical education and recess periods.

    Hats, gloves, sunglasses, and other outdoor wear may be worn to school but may not be worn in the building. Clothing with inappropriate language or graphics considered to be offensive may not be worn, clothing shall not display lettering or numerical figures which carry a connotation of immorality, vulgarity, obscenity, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or tobacco.

    It is recommended that students do not bring expensive personal items to school. A secure storage area is not available in every classroom and replacement for loses or damage is not possible, the school will not be responsible for the loss. Electronic devices like I-pods, CDs, Gameboy, radios, headphones, etc. are entertainment devices that are not to be at school.

    Cell phones are disruptive to the teaching and learning environment at school. if your child is in need of a cell phone, classroom teachers will collect them each morning, storing them in a safe place, and returning them at the end of the school day. If the student does not turn in the phone each morning and it is “collected” by an adult, it will be taken to the principal’s office, where parents may retrieve it. Please know, students will be the responsible party to inform parents they need to pick it up from the principal.

    The trading, buying, or selling of personal items like special cards, toys, etc. is never allowed, due to conflicts that may arise from such transactions.

    It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and student to read the district’s dress code policy (See SC&DC File: JICA) and to know what it is.