• The following lists are the supplies by grade level that the students will be using in their classrooms during the school year. If you need assistance with any supplies, please contact the school.

    Heritage Elementary School Supply List 2023-2024 


    1 backpack (Student’s first name clearly marked)

    Pack of # 2 Pencils (sharpened please)

    4 boxes of Crayons

    12 Glue sticks

    2 Black/White Composition Notebooks

    1  boxes of Kleenex

    1 container of clorox Wipes

    1 packs of small tip BLACK Expo dry erase markers

    1 set of headphones (Koss or similar)

    1 White 1” 3 ring binder

    1 Plastic Pencil box with name written on it

    1 package of sandwich size ziploc bags (girls)

    1 package of gallon size ziploc bags (boys)


    First Grade 

    1 backpack (Student’s first name clearly marked) - mandatory

    1 pencil BOX – mandatory

    1 set of headphones (Koss or similar) mandatory

    1 spiral wide-ruled notebooks

    1 Primary Composition Notebook

    1 one inch white binder

    2 pocket folders (any)

    1 pair Fiskar scissors

    2 boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons

    1 package colored pencils

    1 set of colored markers

    1 pkgs. dry-erase markers

    1 pkg. dry-erase markers  thin

    1 box of Kleenex 

    1- 48 count packages of  #2 pencils (sharpened please!)

    1 pack of 3 x 5 index cards

    1 containers Clorox wipes

    1 pack colored highlighters

    1 roll clear packing tape

    BOYS – 1 package of glue sticks

    GIRLS -  1 bottle of white glue (such as Elmer's School Glue)


    Second Grade 

    1 backpack (Student’s first and last name clearly marked)

    1 Composition Notebook

    1 1 inch  “Clear view” white binder (Binder must have a clear pocket in the front of binder)

    3 pkgs. #2 pencils (Ticonderoga or U.S.A Gold)

    1 box crayons 48 ct. 

    1 pkg. colored pencils 24 ct.

    1 pkg. colored markers (Wide or thin)

    4 highlighters (yellow)

    1 pkg. dry-erase markers (Expo)

    1 dry-eraser

    3  pkgs. pencil top erasers

    1 pencil box

    1 pair student scissors (Fiskars)

    1 pkg. of glue sticks

    1 Headphones (Koss or similar)* No Earbuds

    1 boxes of tissue

    1 containers Clorox Wipes

    1 bottle hand sanitizer (No travel size)

    BOYS: 1 box QUART size Ziploc bags        

    GIRLS:  1 box GALLON size Ziploc bags


    Third Grade 

    1 plastic pencil box

    2 pkgs. 5x5 graph paper

    1 1-inch 3-ring binder

    2 red pens

    1 pkg colored pencils

    2 pkgs. #2 pencils, (no mechanical pencils)

    1 pair of school scissors

    1 ruler with inches and centimeters

    2 folders (with pockets and brads)

    8 BLACK dry erase markers

    1 set of multicolor highlighters

    3 wide-ruled spiral notebooks

    1 containers of Clorox wipes

    1 large bottle hand sanitizer

    1 boxes of Kleenex Tissue

    1 pair of headphones (no earbuds)

    BOYS- 1 box gallon size Ziploc bags

    GIRLS- 1 box quart size Ziploc bags


    Fourth Grade 

    1 White 1-inch 3 ring binder                                 

    4 plastic pocket folders w/prongs(red, blue, green, yellow)   

    2 pkgs. #2 pencils 18-24 count each (USA Gold orTiconderoga)                                           

    2 Glue Sticks                                                          

    1 pair Fiskar scissors/”Big Kid” scissors                                                     

    2 Color ink Pens   

    1 12 inch Ruler   

    1 set of headphones (No Earbuds)                                                       

    1 pkg. colored pencils (needed separate from Art supplies)                             

    1 pkg. washable colored markers (needed separate from Art supplies)  

    4 highlighters (pink, green, yellow, blue)  

    1 box quart size Ziploc bags (boys)                       

    1 box gallon size Ziploc bags (girls)                                            

    4 Composition books  (Required )

    1 pkg. FINE TIP BLACK dry-erase markers

    2 BROAD TIP dry-erase markers (blue or black) 

    1 containers Clorox wipes

    1 bottle hand sanitizer                                

     1 boxes of Kleenex


    Fifth  Grade 

    1 White 1-inch 3 ring binder 

    1 pencil/crayon holder

    2 red ink pens

    2 packages pencils (24 count each)

    1 4 pack dry-erase markers 

    1 set of headphones or earbuds (for DAILY use)

    3 PLASTIC folders 

    2 packages WIDE ruled paper, hole punched 

    4 composition books, for each subject 

    1 pkg. of clear plastic sheet protectors, 20 count

    1 bottle of glue

    1 ruler

    1 pair of scissors (approx. 7in./Intermediate size)

    1 package of colored pencils 

    1 box gallon size Ziploc bags (boys) 

    1 box quart size Ziploc bags (girls) 

    4 highlighters (pink, green, yellow, blue) 

    2 boxes Kleenex 

    1 container Clorox wipes

    1 bottle hand sanitizer 


    Art Supplies 23-24

    We will NOT be using art materials communally.

    Artists may bring their own supplies. 

    There WILL be materials to borrow for art class, too. -ALL supplies below are OPTIONALPencils, Erasers,  Markers, Crayons, Watercolor Kits (Crayola is best!),  A bag to carry pencils, crayons, etc. ,Gallon *ziploc bags or canvas/other. There will be some* in the art room, if needed. Paint Shirt(s) Some projects and materials are messy, if you would like your kid(s) to protect their clothes it would be beneficial to have their own.  NOT Required. Colored pencils (1st-5th Grades ONLY)  Sharpies (1st-5th Grades ONLY - Fine and/or Ultra Fine)


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