Dress Code

  • Bradford Uniform Policy
    At Bradford Elementary all students are expected to wear uniforms each day while in the building. The uniforms are designed to create a sense of a cohesive community connection to Bradford which includes a sense of identity and community. Additionally, uniforms have proven to reduce distractions and inequities that arise from individual selected dress allowing all students to feel valued while keeping students focused on the rigorous learning occurring throughout the day. At Bradford we are preparing students for lifelong success, and wearing a uniform in elementary school sets a standard for personal care that will benefit students in future endeavors.

    Shirts and Bottoms
    On Monday through Thursday, students are expected to be in full Bradford uniform.  There are several shirt styles to choose from.  We have a Bradford t-shirt, a navy blue or light blue polo, and have added a long sleeved light blue polo this year to provide additional warmth during our colder months.  We are phasing out our gold and white polo’s at parental request as these colors have proven to be difficult to clean.  If your child still has some from last year, they can still wear them but none will be sold in the future as part of our uniform.  Additionally, a Bradford pull-over or zip-up hoodies are also available from Embroidery Plus, and will be available for purchase at our Open House also.  Please see our uniform bulletin board located in our foyer. 

    On Friday, students may wear a college shirt or uniform shirt to school but will be allowed to wear jeans in lieu of dress pants providing they are in professional condition.


    It is expected that students follow the school dress code. 

    • Pants, jeans, skirts, and shorts must be worn at the student’s waistline, sagging is not allowed.  School pant colors are black, navy blue, and khaki. 
    • Shorts and skirts must be at fingertip length (with hands to side) or longer.
    • Students in skirts can wear white, black, or navy blue tights (free of pattern) or shorts below.


    Basic tennis shoes or dress shoes are required.  All students must wear tennis shoes on PE days. Students may keep their tennis shoes in their backpack to change into on PE days.

    Nonacceptable Uniform Items

    • Nonacceptable bottoms include over-sized bottoms
    • Cargo pants
    • Athletic pants or shorts
    • Printed or plain leggings


    All staff, students and parents share responsibility for upholding uniform expectations. 

    We reserve the right to provide rewards and incentives for students dressed in uniform daily.