• Music

    Jerry Jones


    School Song

    Super Stallion Song

    In the Town we have our school
    Highland Park is SUPER cool.
    S U P E and R
    Have a meaning for who we are
    Super Stallions here at Highland Park
    Here ar Highland Park
    Here at Highland Park (REPEAT)
    S for safe can't you tell
    We keep our hands and feet to ourselves
    We understand that we must hear
    All directions in school this year. (CHORUS)
    We can learn just what to do
    From our teachers they're super too
    We are proud of who we are
    Super Stallions ahead by far. (CHORUS)
    Excellent we do our best
    Each and everyone
    Show respect to everyone
    We treat them all like number one. (CHORUS)

  • Physical Education

    Kelsey Massaro



    I graduated from CSU-Pueblo in 2009 with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, and in 2012 went back to finish my teaching license. I am endorsed in Physical Education & Health, K-12. I played competitive softball my entire life and continued playing softball at the collegiate level all 4 years while working on my undergrad. I have been coaching at East High School for the past 4 years and was recently named Head Coach of the East High softball program. I absolutely love sports, health, recreation, and living in this beautiful state!

    My Physical Education Philosophy

    Physical Education is designed to develop each child's physical, social, and emotional learning through a series of carefully planned and conducted activities. Children are at different developmental levels, with different needs and interests. For this reason, activities are geared towards a wide range of skill and fitness levels. All children are encouraged to work towards their personal best! Cooperation and sportsmanship will be stressed at each grade level. These qualities are essential when students are participating in small groups, working with partners, and cooperative games. Our physical education program has been built to develop skillful, fit, and knowledgeable movers who will be encouraged to enjoy a lifetime of participation in physical activities!

    I am very excited about sharing my love of physical education with your child. As teachers and parents, we need to work together in and out of school to create an environment where your son and daughter can succeed! I strongly urge you to get involved with the school and be active in your child’s learning. If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at the school.