• Traci Whiting

    Physical Education


    Our Physical Education teacher is Traci Whiting, known to the students as Coach T.

    Cup stacking
    Haaff Elementary has always had students and teams place very high in the annual cup stacking tournament.
    Coach T helps organize the district-wide tournament every year.

    Jump roping
    Haaff has always had students and teams do very well in the jump rope tournament also.

  • Lori Wolnick



    Elementary Fine Arts at Haaff

    My name is Ms. Wolnick and I teach k-5th fine art here at Haaff Elementary. We will continue to explore the fundamental elements of visual art (line, shape, form, texture, value, color, and space) through various projects. We also now incorporate the study of music into our studies; students will be exposed to both visual and musical arts of various cultures and styles throughout the year. It is my desire to give students the opportunity to be creative and develope right brain function to enhance their learning skills.

    I look forward to a great year!


  • Welcome to the MAGICAL world of TECHNOLOGY!

    Here, students achieve National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) and 21st Century Skills within an innovative learning community.

    Our goals include:

    • Promoting the love of learning, acquiring new information, and using cutting-edge technologies
    • Offering a wealth of current resources and technologies to enhance learning
    • Providing academic support within a safe, fun, and inspirational learning environment
    • Stimulating inquiring minds by encouraging students to pursue personal interests
    • Sharing effective and efficient strategies to locate, analyze, and evaluate information from a variety of resources
    • Encouraging a community of learners who work collaboratively to generate new ideas, solve complex problems, and communicate meaningfully in a global society