Principal’s Message

  • Group Photo Welcome to Sunset Park Yearlings,

    Welcome to the Leader in Me process. Sunset Park has chosen to operate through a uniquely different lens. Leader in Me is about empowering your child to reach their full potential, while ultimately finding their voice. As a school, the staff in this building have made 5 core commitments to your child. We call these our Core Paradigms. In these paradigms you will find the belief and way we view all students. At this school we believe that all students are leaders. We believe that all students have genius. We believe that education is about empowering a child to lead their learning. We believe that education is about the whole child. The incredible aspect of it all is that these beliefs do not rest only on your child(ren). We believe these same things about ourselves and most important, you.

    You, as your child’s parent, are his/her first and most essential teacher. We honor the greatness in you, your traditions, your values, and your vision for your child. At our school it is essential to us that you understand what you say “yes” to, as a family, when you attend this school.

    You are saying yes to engaging in your child’s education, both academically and socially/emotionally. You are saying yes to allowing our incredibly gifted staff to find the worth and potential in your child and in your family. You are saying yes to a bright and successful educational path for not only your child, but for your family.

    Currently, there are thousands of Leader in Me schools across the world, but Sunset Park is one of less than 500 Lighthouse Schools. So what makes Leader in Me so great? It’s not a program. It’s our operating system here. It is the fundamental way we make decisions, build relationships, grow, learn, and support each other as a community. Based on the 7 Habits, created decades ago by the world-renown author Dr. Stephen R. Covey, they are a set of 7 principles and practices that allow us the tools to reach our vision for the community.

    Let’s talk results! Results matter. It’s what this school is responsible for; not only to the community but to the State and Nation equally. Leader in Me is a certified tool that means it is not just based on research but based on evidence that if our school operates in this way; culturally, socially, and academically the change is significant.

    Know that your child’s teacher, principal, and all staff have dedicated hours of time, practice, and study to this work; all the while with the goal of elevating your child’s experience. That dedication is seen on the walls of the school, the care taken for your child in his/her class, and through the language we use.

    Our mission and vision is build around our core paradigms. Learn, Love & Lead. This was created with collaboration between Staff, Students and Parents and has served us well as a guide to all of our school decisions. A foundational piece of this school is you. We invite you to explore, learn, and grow alongside us. You deserve the best for yourself and for your child.

    We offer customized 7 Habits training for you and your family as well as resources, family nights, and advocacy groups all with the goal of partnering with you, one of our most critical assets. Join us in choosing something different. Join in us in the ground swell occurring in the walls of this school.

    Thank you for choosing Sunset Park Elementary, Pueblo’s first and only Lighthouse School.