About Morton Elementary School

  • Location:
    1900 W. 31st St. | Pueblo, CO 81008

    Telephone: 719-549-7585
    Fax: 719-253-5260

    Attendance Line: 719-549-7585
    (to report a student absence or tardy)

    Email: morton@pueblocityschools.us

  • Outside front of Morton School

    Dating back to its founding in 1952, generations of students from Morton Elementary always knew that at Morton, "everybody is somebody." Today, that approach is shown daily, as each student is pushed to succeed at the highest of his or her ability. 

    A big reason for this is Morton's focus on small-group instruction, an approach that moves students into instructional groups, sometimes even transcending grade levels, to find students' sweet spot where their developmental needs and ability to achieve are pushed to where they need to be. 

    Everybody is held to high expectations at Morton, and that shows through students' high achievement and a highly-qualified staff that puts down roots to help Morton students thrive.