About Heritage Elementary School

  • Location:
    625 Brown Ave. | Pueblo, CO 81004

    Telephone: 719-549-7575

    Attendance Line: 719-549-7575
    (to report a student absence or tardy)

    Email: heritage@pueblod60.org

  • Outside front of Heritage School

    As one of the newest schools in Pueblo School District 60, Heritage Elementary School is continually forging its unique heritage in its southside Pueblo community as a school where future leaders first learn to "soar."

    At Heritage, "SOAR" stands for Safe, Organized, Accountable and Respectful. Heritage Eagles display these traits daily, thriving in an environment where children feel comfortable to explore, question, and grow.

    As it has since Heritage opened its doors in 1992, the goal is to work together with families so that each child will leave Heritage with a precious gift — a quality education!"