About Columbian Elementary School

  • Location:
    1203 Palmer Ave. | Pueblo, CO 81004

    Telephone: 719-549-7525
    Fax: 719-253-5245

    Attendance Line: 719-549-7525
    (to report a student absence or tardy)

    Email: columbian@pueblod60.org

  • Front outside of Columbian Elementary School

    A thunderbolt cannot strike without a "spark," and at Columbian Elementary, all students are instilled with the "spark" to succeed.

    Originally built in 1893 in historic South Pueblo, several generations of young Puebloans wrote the first few lines of their educational story inside the walls at Columbian Elementary School. Today, students are proud to call themselves Columbian "Thunderbolts," practicing the Columbian Pledge of SPARK: Self Control, Positive interactions with others, Appropriate behavior at all times, Respect for everyone and everything, and Keeping safe boundaries.