About Carlile Elementary School

  • Location:

    736 W. Evans Ave. | Pueblo, CO 81004

    Telephone: 719-549-7520
    Fax: 719-549-7990

    Attendance Line: 719-549-7520
    (to report a student absence or tardy):

    Email: carlile@pueblocityschools.us

  • Front facade of Carlile Elementary

    Housed inside of a historic building at the corner of Lincoln Street and Evans Avenue that was built during America's Gilded Age in 1889, Carlile Elementary School is an iconic Pueblo school that has helped educate generations of Puebloans for over 130 years.

    Carlile serves its Central Pueblo community by priding itself on its focus on not only its regular K-5 education program but also its high-quality gifted and talented program and special education program. They all come together to meet Carlile's goal of shaping the whole child. The staff of Carlile Elementary School is qualified to serve the wide range of needs from the high-risk child to the gifted learner.