• Counselor's Office:
    The purpose of the counselor at Bessemer Academy School is to provide a standards-based comprehensive and balanced guidance and counseling program. To assist in the facilitation and development of personal/social, career, and the educational growth of the whole child through prevention and remediation processes. Individual, group and classroom sessions are taught to help with the total growth process of all individuals that will enable them to be life long learners in our multi-cultural society. Major emphasis is placed on direct involvement of, and services to, students, staff, parents and community as it relates to the comprehensive development of all individuals.


    • Promote and enhance student learning.
    • Improve attendance rate at Bessemer.
    • Allow students to express and acknowledge that diversity and individual differences are valuable to everyone.
    • Improve parental involvement.
    • Improve communication and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders at Bessemer Academy.