• Counselor Introduction

    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to Belmont. I am the School Counselor and this is my fourth year in this capacity. I have over twenty years of experience in education as a PreK-5th grade classroom teacher and this is my fourth year at Belmont. Belmont is a great school, however that doesn't mean that our students won't face challenges. I want them to know that I am here to support and teach them to cope with concerns, worries or frustrations. As a school counselor, my primary responsibilities are to promote academic, personal and social development of all students. I have privilege to work with every single child in the school with development and preventative strategies.
    Services Provided

    • Classroom Guidance Lessons- I facilitate Social Emotional Lessons every other week for 30 minutes, that align with Social Emotional Learning standards based on the Colorado Department of Education and American School Counselor Association. There are 35 mindset and behavior standards that identify and prioritize the specific attitudes, knowledge and skills students need to achieve academic success, college and career readiness and social/emotional development.
    • Group Counseling are provided for small groups of students experiencing similar concerns. These groups may include keeping friends, anger management, coping with separation/divorce, loss/grief, getting organized, and improving self-esteem.
    • Individual Counseling: Short term individual counseling support is available to all students. Students can self-refer or be referred by parent, teachers/staff. I have community resource list to help you make informed decisions for therapy.
    • Consultations: I meet with parents, teachers,and/or administrators to discuss and meet the needs of individual students. I am here for all students and I want to ensure your child has a positive and productive school experience. Don't hesitate to, in anyway, contact me if you have concerns regarding your child.


    SEL Programs
    No Bully
    Second Step
    7 mindsets
    Kelso's Choices
    Parent Education or Resources
    Kindness weeks
    Peace Ambassadors

    *** Confidentiality is respect however, please note that all information is confidential between me and your child, unless they are planning on harming themselves, hurting someone else, someone is hurting them or the give me permission to share. I highly encourage and help students formulate a way to share their difficulties with trusted adults.***

    If you need support and the school is closed please remember

  • SAFETY is #1.....

    Safe2Tell Colorado provides students and adults in Colorado an increased ability to both prevent violence and report concerning behaviors by making safe, ANONYMOUS reports.

  • Classroom Curriculum Resources
    Second Step
    Becoming a successful learner isn’t just about academics. Second Step offers a social-emotional learning curriculum that supports the whole child. It teaches skills for resolving conflicts, working with others, forming healthy relationships, and making good decisions—so students can be more successful emotionally, socially, and academically.

    Kelso's Choice
    What It’s all about..
    Kelso’s Choices empowers students to use skills of conflict management at school, in the community and at home.
    Kelso teaches there are two types of problems.
    There are Two Types of problems…….
    to a trusted adult right away!!!
    * Scary
    *Cause Worry
    *Someone could or is getting hurt
    *Break the law ( stealing, damage property, etc.)
    small problems-Using Kelso’s Choices, YOU are big enough, smart enough and strong enough to solve small problems
    * Angry
    * Embarrassed
    Kelso’s 9 Choices
    Wait & Cool Off
    Go to Another Game
    Talk it Out
    Share & Take Turns
    Ignore it
    Walk Away
    Tell Them To Stop
    Make A Deal

  • Mindset Moment: