District 60 Communications

  • The Pueblo School District 60 Communications Office is responsible for communications advice, counsel, training and planning, media relations, external, internal, and crisis communications, special events, speech writing, the district website, video production, graphics, and printing. The Communications Office aligns all projects with the district's Strategic Plan, seeking to find the most cost-efficient way to communicate to a multitude of the public.

    Media inquiries

    For the news media, the Communications Office is your primary source for all inquiries and support. We prepare and distribute news releases and media advisories, research and respond to your queries, set up interviews and as applicable, and act as organizational spokespersons. Our objective is to support you and your organization's news needs with the intent of receiving fair, objective and factual coverage of Pueblo School District 60. We appreciate your support and cooperation in initially working through this department.

    During regular work hours (Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.), please call (719) 549-7187.


    CORA (Open Records) Requests

    In accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), Pueblo School District 60 is happy to assist with requests for public records.

    In responding to a request for the district’s public records, the district may charge a fee for staff time spent in excess of one hour for the following: researching and retrieving the requested records; conducting searches for requested records; reviewing records to determine whether they are responsive to the request; identifying and separating those records that are not public and/or are privileged or confidential; photocopying, scanning or printing records; and other activities required to locate the records and make them accessible to the person requesting the records. Such fee shall be $33.58 per hour, which may be increased from time to time as permitted by applicable state law. The district may also charge other reasonable fees in responding to a request for the district’s public records, in accordance with the accompanying regulation.

    Under CORA, the District has three business days (not including the date the request is received) to make the record available for review to the requestor. Sometimes an extension is necessary if the requested information will take longer than three days to complete. In this case, the requestor would be notified of the request for an extension.

    Requests should be as detailed as possible including date, type of record, etc.To request a public record under CORA, contact Dalton Sprouse, Director of Communications in writing by email at dalton.sprouse@pueblocityschools.us.

Meet the Team

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