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  • Brand new to Pueblo, Dutch Clark Digital Online Learning is dedicated to providing Pueblo students with a quality online learning option and a new pathway to graduation.

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  • Paragon Learning Center is home to Pueblo School District 60's alternative education campus including Dutch Clark Digital High School.  Paragon opened in 2015 as a flexible and non-traditional program to assist students, administrators, and parents, for students in grades 9-12. The main goal of Paragon Learning Center is to meet students where they are ready to learn. The flexible programs utilize digital learning, opportunities for face to face instructions and allow for scheduling and learning options for students who may otherwise not be able to fit into the traditional school model. In addition to serving these students, Dutch Clark Digital is able to increase access to electives and alternative areas of study for all students.

  • Embrace Your Future, Change Your World


     To engage and empower students through a customized education that leads to a life of purpose and impact.


     To become a dynamic school that supports student success through diverse learning experiences and authentic community partnerships.


    "I remember always being tired, never getting enough sleep. When I was sixteen, I got a job as a night redcap and that was much better (than factory laborer). I used to sleep on the benches between trains. We didn't have anything. Times were bad. I quit school at fourteen to work for a year or so. When I went back to school, I'd work for the railroad from nine at night until six in the morning; then school; then football practice; then home to sleep. Mother would come in and wipe my face with a wet washcloth to get me awake for work." (excerpt from "Dutch Clark" by Chris Willis)
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