• Accelerated Reading: Students are encouraged to read 20 to 30 minutes each day at home. The Media Center's books are labeled with the Accelerated Reading Level. Students who read books within their individual range will grow faster as a reader than students who read books too easy or too hard. Students are given a STAR reading test by our teaching staff that tells the levels of reading in which they are most comfortable. This is called their ZPD, Zone of Proximal Development. This range is where your scholar should read to have the greatest success in reading, understanding, and scoring an 85% or higher on average for their AR Tests/AR Quizzes.

    Scholastic Book Fair: Franklin School of Innovation has two Scholastic Book Fairs each year. The dates of the Book Fairs usually coincide with Parent/Teacher Conferences. The Book Fairs are held in the Media Center. Come visit the Book Fair, before or after your Parent/Teacher Conferences. 

    Student Council: Meetings will be held once a month at 7:00 Mrs. Lewis's classroom.