Student Led Conferences

  • Dear Phoenix families,

     Several times a year your child prepares to present his/her student-led conference. Our next Student-led Conferences are TBA. Your child will be contacting you to schedule a time for your conference.

    What to expect:

    • This is a presentation from your child, not the teacher
      • Think of it as a practice interview for your child.
    • Your child will present their grades, assignments, and goals.
    • They will talk to you about accountability for academics, attendance, and/or behavior.
    • Empowers your child to take responsibility for their learning


    What do you as the parent get to do?

    • Listen
    • Support (do they need extra help in a certain subject?)
    • Ask questions about their work, effort, etc.
    • Be proud!!

    Successful students are supported by involved parents!  We look forward to seeing you!