Student Conduct & Discipline Code

  • Pueblo School District 60 is committed to being a high performing school system with a focus on improved student achievement so that all students are successful in graduating from our high schools with a plan for their future. With that vision in mind, Pueblo School District has developed the Student Conduct and Discipline Code to clearly communicate the behavioral expectations necessary for maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment.

    The Student Conduct and Discipline Code outlines the policies and procedures relative to student conduct and discipline for Pueblo School District 60. Students and parents/guardians should use it as a reference. Parents are asked to review these policies and procedures with your children and to remind them that school is a place for learning, good attendance, positive attitudes, and good behavior.

    These policies and procedures will assist us in maintaining a safe and productive learning environment for your student. It is our hope that all students will feel safe, share the responsibility for maintaining a positive school climate, and take pride in their school and their achievements.

    These policies and procedures are also on file at your school. If you have any questions, please contact your school principal.