South HS Counseling Office

  • The Counseling Team at South High is focused on providing students a rich and rewarding high school experience. Each day, our counselors seek out and identify unique pathways for students to discover their passions leading to a promising and successful life beyond high school.

    Benefits of
    Classroom Learning

    The traditional classroom approach to learning allows students to develop lasting friendships with peers who have common interests and shared values. Working side-by-side with like-minded students and passionate teachers is a proven means of learning we encourage wholeheartedly.

    Higher Education

    Our counselors have far-reaching connections to colleges and universities throughout Colorado and The Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC), as well as military academies and Ivy League universities. Our counselors expose students to a wide range of higher education options, then guide them towards a program that directly aligns with their future goals. This practice serves as a tremendous advantage resulting in long-term time and cost-savings benefits.

    Workforce Certifications

    Some of our students seek immediate placement into the workforce upon graduation. Through our expanded Career and Technical Educational (CTE) programs and pathways, we help students gain industry-specific certifications that allow for promising recruitment by leading companies within their chosen field.

    Visit a Counselor Today

    Students and their families are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss open enrollment and course load options to put them in the best position to succeed today, tomorrow, and into the future. Year-round, we invite student prospects and their families to tour our school and visit with guidance staff to answer any questions.

    Contact Us

    For more information about our custom pathways toward graduation, or to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can play a part in your child's future success, please call: 

    Pamela MaHaffey - Registrar

    Phone: 719.549-7266