Traffic Flow: Walk Up Pick Up

  • Drop Off and Pick Up Map:  Franklin

Walk Up

  • Walk up on the south side of the school.

    • Parent/Guardian will walk up the path following the green footprints.
    • Walk up to the staging area. This is marked with a purple sign.
    • Parent/Guardian will have Driveline tag with them.
    • Form a line at the Purple Sign and staff will be there at 3:00
    • Staff will punch in your Family Number into the system.
    • Students will be released by teacher.
    • Students will come out of the doors
    • Do not park in the parking lot or Driveline
    • Walk up release is ONLY on the north side of the school.

After you pick up your child

    • Please walk on the right side when leaving.
      • Other children will be walking on the other side of the sidewalk by the Driveline to meet their parents.
    • Please turn left off of the sidewalk.
    • Please use the crosswalk to return to your vehicle.
    • Please do not walk in the area where students will be entering the cars for Driveline.

    Your support is greatly appreciated.

  • ***If you have more than 1 child, they will all be released at the same time, and will come out of the blue hallway doors.

    Traffic Flow: Walk Up Pick Up – View/Print (PDF)