Parents, please make sure that your students' contact information is up-to-date! If you change an address or phone number, please call our Data Entry office at 423-3830, to have your student's information updated. Out-of-date information could mean we are unable to reach you in an emergency, or that you will not receive our automated phone calls, Remind messages, etc.


    Parents, please call the main office in the morning if your student will be absent that day. If your student needs to leave for an appointment during the day, please call early so that we can get a pass to them. Students must have a pass in order to leave the building before the school day ends. The number to report absences, tardies, or excuses is 549-7335.


    Students arriving late are unexcused unless a parent calls BEFORE the tardy occurs. Students who are habitually tardy will be assigned detention.
    Have a question? Call the main office at 549-7335  or send us an email at centennial@pueblocityschools.us

  • Remind

    Sign up for 'Remind' and receive a text message right on your phone for announcements, emergencies, snow days, scholarship deadlines, etc. Select a group from the list below and text that code to the number. You'll receive a confirmation text to finish your registration in that group. It only takes a minute. Students and parents can both sign up. It's a safe, secure, text messaging system for teachers and administrators to communicate with their students and parents.

    CLICK here to learn more about 'REMIND'
    Text the assigned code, from your cell phone to the number below, to sign up to receive text messages for your group:

    Class of 2021 - text the code: @999dfa to 81010 (or 719-347-1927)

    Class of 2022 - text the code: @kh89fb to 81010 (or 719-347-1927)

    Class of 2023 - text the code: @2923e7 to 81010 (or 719-347-1927)

    Class of 2024 - text the code: @b94de4 to 81010 (or 719-34-1927)

    Peer Leaders - text the code: @dogsbull to 81010 (or 719-347-1927)
    Scholarship Info - text the code: @j22j to 81010 (or 719-347-1927)