• What is FAMLI?

    The Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) Program is designed to provide up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave per year for qualifying individuals.

    How long do I need to work for my employer to qualify for FAMLI benefits?

    To qualify, employees do not need to have worked a minimum number of days, but must have earned at least $2,500 from the District in the previous year.

    What sort of circumstances can I use my FAMLI benefits for?

    Individuals can use FAMLI benefits to take time away from work in order to:

    • Care for a new child, including adopted and fostered children
    • Care for themselves, if they have a serious health condition
    • Care for a family member’s serious health condition
    • Make arrangements for a family member’s military deployment
    • Address the immediate safety needs and impact of domestic violence and/or sexual assault

    How do I sign up for the FAMLI program?

    The FAMLI program is run through the state of Colorado. Visit famli.colorado.gov for information and resources regarding FAMLI.

    How much will FAMLI cost me?

    The FAMLI program will require that an employee who signs up for the program will pay .45% of their gross wages, prior to any other deductions, each quarter. The program requires that employees pay this premium each quarter for three full years after signing up for FAMLI benefits. This three-year period is renewed any time an employee uses FAMLI leave.

    Because the program did not require district employees to pay in to the program for a year prior to use, employees are now required to make a double premium payment for the first quarter after they sign up. After the initial payment, employees will make regular premium payments each quarter for the remaining three years.

    Will my job be protected while I am out on FAMLI?

    Because the District opted out of The FAMLI program, it provides no job protection on its own. We encourage employees who use the FAMLI program to contact the office of human resources regarding their absences. The District offers several district approved leaves that, when used in conjunction with the FAMLI program, provide job protected leave.

    If an employee stops coming to work, and does not contact Pueblo School District 60, even while on FAMLI leave, that employee will be considered to have abandoned their position in accordance with Board Policy GDC.

    Will my benefits continue while using the FAMLI program?

    Similar to the question above, there is no requirement in the FAMLI program for the district to continue providing benefits while an employee is out of work on the FAMLI program. We encourage employees to contact the office of human resources to determine if they qualify for other district leaves that, when used in conjunction with the FAMLI program, provide continued benefits coverage.

    Will my retirement (PERA) be affected by using the FAMLI program?

    When an employee is on any form of leave and is not receiving pay from Pueblo School District 60, neither the district nor the employee makes contributions to PERA during that time. Since you are not contributing to PERA while on FAMLI leave, you will receive no service credit for that time with PERA.

    Will my pay be affected if I use the FAMLI program?

    The FAMLI program will determine the amount of money you will receive if you use the FAMLI program. A benefit calculator is available at famli.colorado.gov. During the time you are on leave through the FAMLI program, you will not receive pay from Pueblo School District 60. As a result, any employees who do not work 12 months and who miss part of the contract year will have their salary adjusted for any missed days and their salary will be pro-rated and reduced once they return.  

    Can I use my excused leave to make up the difference in pay between my normal salary and my FAMLI benefits?

    This is not an option the district allows at this time. If an employee is receiving pay from an outside source, (i.e. FAMLI, Workers Compensation, Short-Term Disability, etc.) district excused leave or vacation is not available for use.