Section I

  • Instruction

IC/ICA School Year-School Calendar-Instruction Time
IG Curriculum Development
IHAC History and Social Studies Education
IHAE Physical Education
IHAK IHAK Character Education
IHAM Safety-Health Education
IHBB Gifted and Talented Education
IHBD Compensatory Education-Title I
IHBEA English Language Learners
IHBIB Early Childhood Education
IHBK Preparation for Postsecondary and Workforce Success
IHBK-R Preparation for Postsecondary and Workforce Success
IHCDA Concurrent Enrollment
IHCDA-R Concurrent Enrollment
IJ Instructional Resources and Materials
IJJ Textbook Selection and Adoption
IJK Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
IJL Library-Media Center Materials Selection and Adoption
IJNDAB Instruction through Online Courses
IJNDB School Web Publishing and Digital Communication
IJOA Field Trips
IJOC School District Volunteers
IK Academic Achievement
IKA Assessment Systems
IKA-R Assessment Systems
IKAB Report Cards-Progress Reports
IKC Class Rankings-Grade Point Averages
IKC-R Laude Honor System
IKE Ensuring All Students Meet Standards
IKF Graduation Requirements
IKF-R Graduation Requirements
IKFA Early Graduation
IKFB Graduation Exercises
IL Evaluation of Instructional Programs
ILBA District Program Assessments
ILBAB Standardized Testing
ILBB State Program Assessments
ILBC Early Literacy and Reading Comprehension
ILBC-R Early Literacy and Reading Comprehension
IMA Teaching Methods
IMB Teaching about Controversial Issues and Use of Controversial Materials
IMBB Exemptions from Required Instruction
IMDA Patriotic Exercises
IMDB Flag Displays
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