COVID Vaccine Clinic for D60 Employees

  • D60 is proud to be have partnered with the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment and the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office to offer the COVID-19 Vaccine to all staff members wishing to participate

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    Colorado is rolling out COVID-19 vaccines in a phased approach to all adults, and the state has placed educators in the Phase 1B Priority Group. As a D60 employee, you are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. By vaccinating people, we can slow the spread of the virus across the state and keep more D60 staff and students safe.

    Please consider one of the following options:

    Pueblo Health Department

    This would be a date-specific option, and the first option will be this Tuesday, February 23rd at the Pueblo Mall. You will need an appointment to get in, so please call 719-583-4444, option #1 on Monday between 8 am and 5 pm to get scheduled for Tuesday's clinic.

    Walgreens (online sign-up)
    * Sign-up tip: Mention that you are in the Educator Phase 1B Priority Group

    Kaiser Permanente Option #1: In-person educator clinic on March 12-13 (limited to 150 D60 staff per day)

    * Register by March 1 at:

    Kaiser Permanente Option #2: Regular online sign up for any available date

    * D60 staff with Kaiser Permanente insurance should sign up using their KP username at:
    * D60 staff without Kaiser Permanente insurance should sign up at:
    * Sign-up tip: Mention that you are in the Educator Phase 1B Priority Group

    King Soopers (online sign-up)
    * Sign-up tip: Select the K-12 educator option

    Related Reminders

    * It is OK to place your name on more than one of the vaccination sign-ups.

    * If you have already signed-up with one of these vaccine providers, there is no need to register a second time unless you didn't mention that you were in the Phase 1B category.

    * If you have already received your first COVID-19 vaccination shot, you should expect communication from the provider of that shot for your second dose. You should not additionally sign up with one of these providers.

    * If you received your first vaccine shot through the local health department's vaccination clinic for educators on February 13-14, your second dose tentatively will be administered on Friday, March 5. The location is yet to be determined, and the health department will notify you at the phone number you provided on the COVID-19 Administration and Screening Form.

    Additional resources

    * COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions:

    * Additional vaccine provider options in Colorado:

    To make the process as efficient as possible, please click on the link below and fill out the form on your computer. If you have already completed a prior version of this form, there is no need to do it a second time. Please bring one completed form to your vaccination appointment. 

    Click here to open the form

    This is a fillable PDF file, which means that you can type your responses directly onto the sheet of paper. Mark "1B" as the category that applies to educators and district staff members. 

    Then, print the form directly from your computer, and be sure to bring it with you to the vaccination clinic. 

    While forms will be available on-site for anyone who is not able to print out their own copy in advance, the health department is strongly encouraging clinic participants to bring along the pre-completed form in order to minimize any potential delays in the process. 

    Additionally, the CDC has several fact sheets regarding specific populations

    We are in continuous communication with the public health department and will send out additional emails should any critical information arise that you may need to be aware of. Information in this email and any non-critical updates will be posted to our website under the "COVID-19" section. 

    ON VACCINATION DAY A teacher wearing a mask giving a thumbs up sign

    • Vaccine doses are administered by appointment only. You are only guaranteed a dose if you arrive inside that window.
    • Print and complete your Colorado COVID-19 Vaccine Administration and Screening form, bring it with you to your appointment. 
    • Registration staff will review your Colorado COVID-19 Vaccine Administration and Screening form and ask all required Colorado screening questions.
    • When you arrive at the nurse/vaccination table, you are required to place your care in park. A nurse will review your paperwork and administer the COVID-19 vaccine.
    • After your shot, an attendant will write an EXIT WAIT AREA TIME on your windshield.
    • After all individuals have received the vaccine, the vehicles will exit and be directed to the designated health monitoring area.
    • While waiting, you may scan the QR code provided for V-safe on your smartphone
    • When parked in the health monitoring area you will be observed by medical personnel. When medical personnel note the designated amount of time has passed. You will be directed towards the exit.