Welcome to our E.S.S. Department

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    Welcome to the Exceptional Student Services (ESS) Department at Centennial HS. We provide educational support and services to students with disabilities in both the general education classroom and in a resource room depending on the needs of individual students.


    • Centennial High School has a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program to assist students with a hearing loss.
    • Centennial also has a Center Based Program for Autism Spectrum Disorder students. Students are supported in the general education classes as well as in a resource room. Services vary depending on their special needs. 
    • Centennial also provides an Alternative Physical Education class for our ESS students who need a small group environment to be successful in Physical Education. 
    • Centennial offers a variety of Life Skills opportunities for our students including daily living skills. The Coffee Club takes orders, makes the coffee, espresso and hot chocolate then the students deliver to the teachers at their classrooms. 
    • Centennial also offers a Work Study program for students to gain work experience and graduation credits at the same time. This program includes taking a Careers class to help prepare students for the world of work.