Alternative Cooperative Education (ACE)

  • The ACE/WES program is designed to serve students that are in need of general career readiness with special needs and are at risk. The program participation is based on counselor, administrative, or ACE/WES teacher approval commensurate with the state program guidelines. The primary purpose of the program is to provide students with the skills, training, and life competencies necessary to function in society and successfully maintain employment. Some students may participating in after school work experience and will be enrolled in the WES Intern program. Students eligible for the program have been recommended by parents or staff and approved by a staffing team on the basis of the student’s work and social skills, work attitudes, and have the ability to benefit from the program.

    This program helps each student make the transition from the school environment to the world of work. The students have a chance to try different jobs, explore areas that interest them, and develop good work skills. The program also allows the school staff an additional means of effective evaluation for each student. Some students in the WES program may be referred to State Vocational Rehabilitation Services prior to graduation.