Violent Universe

  • Violent Universe is one of the latest full-dome programs produced by Evans & Sutherland. Under the care of Emmy award winning space artist, Don Davis, this beautifully crafted show highlights the mysterious forces at work in the universe around us. Comets, asteroids, and meteors hurtling through space. Stars collapsing under their own gravity. Infernos of nuclear energy releasing their deadly radiation across the universe. Witness the raw power of the cosmos in this thrilling show that gives you a front-row seat to watch as worlds collide! Narrated by Patrick Stewart, star of the X-Men Films and Star Trek – The Next Generation.

  • Mars Impact

    Mars is a dynamic planet. HiRISE has witnessed many surface changes over the past ten years, including hundreds of new craters formed by ongoing impacts. Most of these impacts are likely caused by asteroids that have strayed into collision courses with Mars. The planet's much thinner atmosphere compared to Earth makes small asteroids less likely to burn up prior to hitting the Martian surface.
    -Photo courtesy of NASA

  • Planet Collision

    This artist concept illustrates an imminent planetary collision around a pair of double stars. NASA Spitzer Space Telescope found evidence that such collisions could be common around a certain type of tight double, or binary, star system.
    -Art courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech